!!! This service can only be used on iPhone/iPod Devices !!!
Welcome to AppButler-
The first app for apps
You have lost track of your countless apps? You would like to organize, arrange and categorize your apps, but you can’t. Appbutler has the answer. It’s the first app for apps and helps you to organize your iphone screen in a completely new way.
Choose your organization
Design your iPhone springboard as individual as you are with dozens of sets and hundreds of fonicons in many different colours. AppButler offers four ways of organization:
  1. Page numbers: Number consecutively your screenpages with page number fonicons for a better orientation.
  2. App Indexes: Categorize your apps screen by screen with register fonicons and entitle the screens by category.
  3. Game Indexes: Put game-fonicons directly between grouped games to organize them like a index.
  4. Adjustable sets: Use fonicons without notation and choose the category name you like.

Instruction in four Steps

Paste a fonicon with only four steps within seconds in your iphone screen. Try it out. It’s really simple:
  1. Tip on a single fonicon you want to add to your iphone screen and choose the colour of your choice.
  2. Tip on the “Select Icon” Button.
  3. Click the “+” icon in the lower bar and then “Add to Home Screen”.
  4. Affirm your choice by tipping on “add” and the fonicon will be added to your iphone screen.
You have no idea how to organize your apps? Visit our menu item “Tipps” or get a look at some exemplars in our best practice section.

Enjoy the screencons world and make your iPhone as individual as you are!

Best Practice Exemplars

Previous to organizing, watch our best practice exemplars to get an idea, how to organize your apps and screens.

Your way of organizing

Go for your way to organize your apps before starting: by page numbers, category, index or a combination.

Group them on paper

If you have already too many apps on your screen, they are hard to overlook. To group them on a piece of paper (or on your computer) first, is often much more easier than on the iphone itself.

Organize before separating

Organize your apps on your screen first in groups, before separating them with fonicons.

"Distant piece" to separate

Put a “distant piece” (black fonicons) between grouped apps to separate them more visible.

Create line breakes

Put one to three “distant pieces” at the end of a category to create a line break for clearer arrangement.

Free place before adding

Before adding a fonicon to a single screen, make sure, that there is one free app place at least. Besides, you get some disorder on the following screens by moving the last app-icon always to the next screen and ...

Check "empty" places

... check out if “empty” places aren’t blocked with invisible, black “distant pieces” you added sometimes before. They will disorder the following screens to. In this case delete one distant piece, before adding a new fonicon to this screen.

Delete not needed fonicons

Delete once downloaded fonicons which you don’t need anymore. Otherwise, they will make you organization unclear. You don’t need to keep them for a later usage. You can download and delete fonicons as much and often you want.

Watch out for new fonicons

Watch out for new fonicons every week. We are extending our services and sets continuously.

Contact us for suggestions

Contact us if you have suggestions for additional category names or index fonicons your are looking for. Write an e-mail with your suggestions to office@appbutler.